mardi 24 juin 2014

"Net-Recycling" / Conatus Burn-out

« Since the democratisation of internet, the Web has been overflowed of virtual objects. Content who appear to be as a pollution inside the Internet. So, all this collective memory can be recycling to do new Art objects that we introduce into the web. This is Net-Recycling. » Matthieu Delourme

Exposition de la vidéo Conatus Burn-out de Romain Courtois,
sur (6ft Webexpo).

Lieu : Nomad Art Space, Hangzhou, Chine.

Artistes : Nick Briz, Anthony Antonellis, Jan Robert Leegte, Kim Laughton, Systaime, Doubleluckiness, Frere Reinert, Ellectra Radikal, Miyo VanStenis, GrandLapin, Mario Santamaria, Ying Miao, Romain Courtois, Dominik Podsiadly, Rollin Leonard, Carrie Gates, Elena Garnelo, Haydi Roket.

Curateur : Matthieu Delourme.


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